Common X-Ray Questions—Answered



Images are diagnostic quality. Advanced controls allow you to view images at full screen, view multiple images at one time, as well as zoom, pan (roam), contrast and invert your view.

  • You receive an electronic report from your radiology supplier as usual (typically in HL7 or PIT format). Save the report file in an MD3 holding folder or in the clinical patient record.
  • Running MD3? Simply open the radiology report in MD3: the FIT Web images will automatically launch, streaming via the internet in just seconds (depending on internet connection)
  • Using a different Windows-based system? Simply select the hyperlinked URL provided in the report. This will automatically launch Internet Explorer and the images will stream in. On the first occasion only, you need to accept the auto-download of a very small piece of view-control software. (To do this, accept any pop-up blocker and select 'always allow'.)
  • Don't receive your reports electronically? Your radiology supplier can arrange for your reports to be delivered via the internet.
  • What is 'image streaming'?
  • An image 'stream' provides a view of the image, rather than downloading the image to your hard disk. As you zoom and roam the image, the extra image detail is rapidly 'streamed' to your desktop.

  • MD3 or Internet Explorer web browser (IE6+)
  • An internet connection (broadband is naturally faster)
  • You should be working on a PC that runs MD
  • You need to be working with a radiology practice that is using DDI Health's FIT Web solution
  • For optimum viewing, set your PC's default display properties to "Highest/True Color (32 bit)."

Our highly qualified Registered technologists perform all examinations. Certain exams require the direct one on one contact with a Radiologist as well as the technologist. All examinations are overseen by a Radiologist.

It's necessary for you to arrive early in order to complete or review your paperwork and prepare you for your examination. Our technologists need to keep to a strict schedule in order to accommodate the many patients we see everyday.

It is extremely important to bring any previous studies. The radiologist needs to see how your current films compare with old ones. This can often eliminate the need for further studies and also helps to identify any subtle changes that may have occurred since your last examination. Remember the more information your Radiologist has the better!

YES, If your child is under 5, or is unable to go into the examination room alone, we will allow a family member to accompany them. The family member choosing to remain with the child must be over 18yrs and be willing to complete the necessary paper work to confirm there is No possibility of pregnancy.

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