Patient Information

Before Getting Your X-Rays near Shellharbour...

Why do I need to arrive before my actual appointment time?

It's necessary for you to arrive early in order to complete or review your paperwork and prepare you for your examination. Our technologists need to keep to a strict schedule in order to accommodate the many patients we see everyday.

Who will perform my exam?

Our highly qualified Registered technologists perform all examinations. Certain exams require the direct one on one contact with a Radiologist as well as the technologist. All examinations are overseen by a Radiologist.

Why do you need all of my prior films?

It is extremely important to bring any previous studies. The radiologist needs to see how your current films compare with old ones. This can often eliminate the need for further studies and also helps to identify any subtle changes that may have occurred since your last examination. Remember the more information your Radiologist has the better!

My child is having an examination. Will I be able to stay with him / her during the exam?

YES, If your child is under 5, or is unable to go into the examination room alone, we will allow a family member to accompany them. The family member choosing to remain with the child must be over 18yrs and be willing to complete the necessary paper work to confirm there is No possibility of pregnancy.

Why do you have to take so many films?

The body is a three dimensional structure, but an x-ray is only two-dimensional. Thus, on a single x-ray the different parts of the body are superimposed on one another or may overlap one another. By taking more than one x-ray in different positions, we can better visualize the bones and soft tissues to detect an abnormality.

Will the x-ray technologist see anything wrong with my x-rays?

The technologists are not qualified to read your x-rays. When they check them, it is to make sure the quality is good enough for the radiologist to interpret them.

Why does the radiologist have to look at my films? Doesn't my doctor look at them?

A radiologist is a medical doctor specially trained to interpret x-rays. Sometimes your doctor will request to see your x-rays in addition to having the radiologist interpret them. In this case, you can take your films with you after the radiologist has read them.

Does my doctor need to see my x-rays?

Usually a written report from the radiologist is sufficient. Some doctors such as orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors do need to see the x-rays and will ask you to bring the films.

Why aren't patients taken in the order they arrive?

At South Coast X-ray we offer many services in addition to x-rays, which require different equipment. Another person in the waiting room may be having an ultrasound or CT scan and thus is waiting in a different "line".

How and when will I get the results of the exam?

You can usually pick the results up at the end of the same day of your examination. If requested by your physician, a report can be called to him/her the day of the exam. You can get the results from your doctor.

What is the difference between an MRI and a CT?

Unlike CT, MRI does not use radiation. Instead, MRI creates high-quality images through the combination of a magnetic field and radio waves. MRI is much more sensitive to the imaging of the soft tissues of the body than C

Why is it important to remove any metallic objects before I enter the MRI room?

You'll need to remove all metal objects for safety reasons and because they can cause artifacts to appear on the MRI image.

Will there be any problems if I have had surgery in which metal has been implanted?

As a rule, no. However, please be sure to notify our technologist of any prior surgeries before your exam. Patients with pacemakers or certain types of aneurysm clips should not have an MRI.

Why is the MRI scanner so noisy?

The MRI scanner works with strong magnetic fields that build up energy. The energy is released as loud knocking sounds. Our technologist will offer you a set of ear plugs to make your exam more comfortable.

How long does the CT exam require?

A CT scan requires that you relax and lie still for 10 to 30 minutes per exam. If contrast is given or multiple exams are performed, more time will be needed.

Will I have to change my clothes?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes. However, our technologist will provide you with a gown to change into.

Can I have a CT when I am breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding and have contrast as part of your exam, please suspend nursing for 24 hours after your exam.

How will I feel after the exam?

In most cases, you can resume normal activity immediately.

Can I bring somebody with me?

Yes, there is a waiting area where friends or relatives can wait for you. If you would like someone to accompany you during your scan, they must complete a safety questionnaire which will be checked by a Radiographer.

Do I have to stop taking medication?

Continue to take prescribed medication unless you are told otherwise. You will need to remain still during the scan. If you usually take painkillers, continue to do so, as this may make you more comfortable during the scan.

How long will my scan take?

This will depend on the area of the body we are scanning, and which scanner your appointment is booked for. Most examinations take between 15 and 40 minutes. Please contact us if you require further information.

Can I eat and drink?

Yes, unless you are told otherwise.

How will I get the results?

When you attend the clinic for your examination, the receptionist will advise you when you will be able to pick up the results. In some cases we are able to deliver your results to your referring doctor for your convenience.

Can I see the scans?

Unfortunately we are unable to show you your images at the time of your appointment